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Our lawyers are experienced special recovery counsel litigators. Becker Law’s principal, Eugene Becker, a New York-licensed and based Legal Consultant (licensed under the New York Judiciary Law)*, has been servicing financial and commercial clients since 1995.


We limit our practice to multi-jurisdictional recovery and value litigation. Becker Law and Eugene Becker, often appointed by courts as special counsel under seal, have been involved in litigation and arbitration projects on nearly all continents. 

We have the resources necessary to advise on and implement recovery strategies to completion to return value to claimants and their stakeholders. And we do.


We think out of the box because we have to do so to achieve recovery. Our success is our clients’ success. Our insights and advice provide our stakeholders with the ability to make educated and informed investigative and litigation decisions. Facts matter. Laws govern.


We have contributed to the development of jurisprudence in this niche practice space. We have actively and successfully used under-utilized discovery and enforcement procedures, in the United States and elsewhere, on such topics as Consent Directives and cross-border declaratory proceedings, among many others.


*Licensed in New York, Australia and South Africa.

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