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We develop and implement investigative and recovery plans to enable our clients to become whole. The nature of our work falls in two categories for easy and reflective decision-making. One is diligence and claim/litigation-related advice, reflected in our RECOVERY AUDITS. The other is litigation counseling and implementation.

Most sophisticated frauds and their recoveries involve several jurisdictions and many people and entities beyond those suspected of misconduct (e.g. fraud, breach of contract, breach of trust and fiduciary duties). We are familiar with the obstacles that exist to discovery and recovery - and we know the questions that have to be asked.


These are detailed legal and due diligence opinions based on our review of the facts, matters and circumstances with which we are presented and which matters are supplemented by selected and limited investigation that we undertake for the RECOVERY AUDIT.

We provide a detailed fact-based and law-based analysis on the steps needed, the strategies to be employed and the issues to confront for recovery. We advise whether and how recovery is to be pursued. We provide the factual and legal bases for our conclusions and recommendations as well as the critical path activities, timelines and estimated costs going forward. We ALSO comment on challenges and difficulties that may arise or should be accounted for if further action or litigation is recommended to be taken.

We will also recommend, where the circumstances require it, that NO action be further taken where recovery is not viable.

We undertake RECOVERY AUDITS at all stages of the claim/judgment enforcement narrative, so that costs are saved, expenses are managed more efficiently, and, most importantly, recovery issues are fully raised, ventilated and debated.     


Whether we have been asked to provide a RECOVERY AUDIT or not, we are often engaged during the litigation process to assist in recovery and enforcement matters that arise within and outside of the particular litigation at hand.


We advise on discovery and recovery options and issues in and outside of the United States.

Our clients are provided with the highest levels of personal and responsive service within our practice concentration.

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