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Becker Law recognizes that the cost of legal service has to be managed – and the more productive that management is, the better the outcome for all stakeholders. Becker Law participates in all customary and alternative fee engagements.* In addition, Becker Law offers* CONCIERGE and CONCIERGE PLUS fee engagements as generally described below. 


*Refer Legal Notice


CONCIERGE engagements for a FIXED FEE are available for periods of one month, three months and six months. The arrangement need not be case specific. The CONCIERGE client can, as frequently as necessary and at any time during the engagement period, raise queries, provide documentation and materials for review and analysis, and seek advice and assistance, on matters pertaining to our practice concentration.


CONCIERGE PLUS is similar to regular CONCIERGE. Becker Law may additionally pursue certain limited investigative efforts through its network of investigative consultants. CONCIERGE PLUS is only available for an engagement of one month or three months.    

In both instances above, the client’s costs are measurable and predictable. The client and its representatives’ lines of communication with Becker Law are completely and cost efficiently open- whatever it takes during the contractual period to get the job done, the advice right, the correct decision made.

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